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Spring Onion

Spring Onion

Spring Onions are loaded with essential nutrients. Both the green leafy part and the white bulb of the spring onion are edible.
It tastes a little milder than the regular onion and can be cooked or eaten raw as well.
Green onion is an excellent source of Sulphur which is quite beneficial for the overall health.

It has compounds like allyl sulphide and flavonoids that prevent cancer and fight against the enzymes that produce cancer cells.
Due to the Sulphur compounds, the body’s ability to produce insulin tends to increase.
This helps to prevent diabetes to a great extent. They are rich in fiber and helps in better digestion.

It is also rich in vitamin A which prevents loss of eye-sight.

Due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties, it is an excellent medicine to fight against viral and flu.

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