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French Beans

French Beans

French beans contain protein, fat, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, B, D and starch. French beans can be grown all-year round The pods are carefully picked and categorized into;

  1. Extra fine pods: Are very tender, turgid, seedless, with no strings, and free from any defects. The width of the pods (maximum diameter) should be less than 6mm and the minimum length of 10cm.
  2. Fine pods may have small seeds and be short with soft strings, be turgid and tender. The width of the pods should be between 6-9 mm while the length of 12-14 cm is recommended.
  3. Bobby beans comprise those which do not qualify for inclusion in the higher classes but satisfy the minimum requirements specified above. Beans should be reasonably tender and seeds should not be too large.

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